The BEL-AIRS: Secret Gig: Wednesday 25th July, 20:00: British Legion Hall, Crail

OK, I know you’re all knackered NOW, but you’ll be wanting a drink come Wednesday…

Occasional Band the “Bel-Airs” are playing at the Pittenweem Arts Festival Cabaret evenings (28th-30th July). (Due to an administrative error, we’re listed as the “TrueTones” if you’re currently staring at your Arts Festival brochure in puzzlement)

As tickets for these events are £20 a head (and we don’t get comps), we’ve decided to open our final rehearsal as a BYOB evening for Family, Friends and invited guests.

For these gigs the band will comprise:-

Laura-May Gibson (vocal)
Richard Young (Keys, gtr, harp, vocal)
Rod Phillip (gtr, vocal)
Ian Holmes-Lewis (percussion)
Pete Rabjohns (drums)
and special guest
Lovat “Dawg” Fraser on bass, and slide guitar

…and featuring the “amazing falling down boy” on Cameras…

Action starts at 8:00 and will be over by 10:30 (as its a mid-week school night…)

Attendance is by invitation (you’re invited) and free, you may share with interested friends.

PS Lovat and Jane got married on Friday (both old enough to know better), and are currently in Gay Paree, so factor in some celebrations of that type as well…

PS Don’t forget to bring booze (did I say that already?)

Sometime later…

Thanks to everyone who came and contributed ideas, comments and criticisms.

Some photos from the gig courtesy of Scott Morris…



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