Jock’s Juke Joint VOL 1 (compilation CD)

Our dear friend Nick Hamilton came up with an idea recently.

He and son Lewis, (Lewis Hamilton and the Boogie Brothers) have recently completed their home recording studio, and suggested that the Scottish Blues comunity might like to consider contributing to a sampler album. Jocks’s Juke Joint Vol.1  will be released shortly, and will be available from the participating artistes and other outlets at a cost of £9.99.

Laura-May, Richard and Pete went up to Auchterarder to record with Nick and Ian Gibney a new song by Pete called “You can’t Hang” which is track 3 on the album. It also features a solo track by another Bel-Air, Lovat “Houndog” Fraser, as well as cuts by Stevey Hay, Wille Logan…17 great original tracks in all.

Volume 2 is already in the works…

Back cover

Front Cover

The recording team…


…a scene from our future remake of “Deliverance”…

More info pictures and chat over on Facebook…


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