Auchterderran Renunion

983701_491672980977858_3249767354207755057_n 10301061_491677314310758_5613443532416774240_n 10304333_491687834309706_6374220040014402010_n 10320549_491673037644519_2036814627698806980_n 10350638_491680010977155_172228598334574620_n 10415652_491687560976400_8554622460274621368_n 10487410_491672864311203_8862224050905028282_nHi Folks sorry its been a while since the last post. We have been busy playing but unfortunately there hasn’t been any photo records of it lol.

Still Last night was an amazing night for us. We would like to say a huge thank you for a very appreciative audience and it was a privilege to play, we all had a blast & to Davie Anderson for some great Photos & to Lefty for doing the sound. Next gig elie Fife on the 4th of July. then we are in Dunfermline (Kim and Tony’s home town) on the 10th Aug in the Seven Kings. Thanks for all the likes on Facebook and our fans & followers on Twitter and Reverbnation.


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